Current research areas

Ecophysiology of crop species and of potential interest for cropping

Research on the ecophysiology of plant species (domesticated, in the process of domestication, or of potential interest for cropping) at IFEVA seeks to elucidate the physiological bases of the responses (often in terms of yield or processes affecting yield) of these species to enviromental factors which impact strongly on these responses and the underlying processes.

Research topics include environmental control of flowering and of grain number and unit weight, the effects of abiotic stresses (drought, and nutrient stress) on yield and harvest organ quality; and the effects of management (plant population density, irrigation and fertilization) on attributes such as tolerance to stem and root lodging. Much of this research examines intra-specific variability in the selected responses.

Work is presently proceeding on grain crops (wheat, maize, sunflower, barley, rapeseed/canola, sorghum) and forage species of the genus Lotus.