Current research areas

Stress physiology and biotic interactions

Various laboratories at IFEVA work on plant responses to environmental stress and plant interactions with other organisms. We are interested in plant responses to drought, waterlogging, solar ultraviolet-B radiation, and plant interactions with phytophagous insects.

Most of our research projects have a multidisciplinary character. At the broadest level, we study the impacts of stressors on crop and ecosystem functioning. At the physiological level we seek to understand the mechanisms whereby plants respond to one or more stress factors. For the mechanistic studies we combine classic physiological techniques with molecular and genetic approaches (mutant selection and characterization, quantification of damage products and defense molecules, transcriptome analysis, etc.).

Depending of the specific goals of the project, our studies are focused on native species of natural ecosystems, cultivated species of agronomic value, or model organisms such as Arabidopsis thaliana and tomato.

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