IFEVA and society

Ecosystem services and land-use planning

Since 2009 scientists from IFEVA has been working on the analysis of the consequences of land use changes and deforestation in the Chaco region. These studies, based on remote sensing techniques, modelling and field experiments were the basis for collaborative work with several local stakeholders and institutions involved in monitoring these changes. The relationships included NGOs such as REDAF or Asociana and the National Supreme Court of Justice or the Defensoría General de la Nación. Through a formal presentation as "Amicus Curiae" IFEVA provide information to the Supreme Court on the conceptual frameworks and the empirical basis to perform Cumulative Environmental Impact Assessments in Salta (www.ecologiaaustral.com.ar/verArticulo.php?volumen=21&numero=2&orden=4&anio=2011&mes=8&paginas=121-229).

With an active participation of students and funds provided by UBANEX scientists of IFEVA developed a participative project with Wichi communities to develop and transfer a deforestation monitoring systems (http://videos.agro.uba.ar/watch_video.php?v=U4YX2HRNRXKB).

In a joint project with the Ministerio de Agricultura, Ganadería, Pesca y Alimentación and FAO and with the support of IAI from IFEVA we coordinated a workshop aimed to develop protocols to guide Land Use Planning processes. Such process included the active participation not only of the academic sector but also social, political and institutional actors (