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Simple models for phenology simulation in wheat and barley: CronoTrigo® y CronoCebada®

The serie CRONOS are simple models to simulate crop phenology of different pre and post heading phases in a wide range of wheat and barley cultivars. More than 20 commmercial cultivars of wheat and barley were included in the models. The use if the serie CRONOS models are extremely easy to be used by farmers, advisors, teachers, etc.

CronoTrigo® y CronoCebada® can be also used for teaching as the models include different windows where are explaining the different process that determine the final yield. The windows also contain schemes describing the phenological process associated with the different duration of the phases.

Once the users choose a particular location, cultivar and sowing date, the model can predict:

As the model allows the prediction of vegetative and reproductive stages, it is possible calculate the probability of frost risk, not only at flowering as well as during the pre – flowering stages. The prediction of physiological maturity allows the estimation of commercial harvest and speculated with the penalization of soybean into the double cropping system (Wheat or barley – soybean) into the rotations.

CronoTrigo® y CronoCebada® can be free downloaded from the web page of the School of Agronomy of the University of Buenos Aires.

The model has more than 3.500 users registered in Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay y Mexico.