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Ecotoxicological risk assessment RIPEST®

Ripest ® (Pesticide Risk) is an expert model for assessing the ecotoxicological risk of pesticide use in agricultural systems. It is based on the use of both pesticide toxicity (herbicides, insecticides or fungicides) and the dose applied in order to estimate an environmental risk value.

When pesticide use data are analyzed with Ripest ® it is possible to assess:

The software combines crop physiology and management concepts with the use of Agronomic Crop Simulation Modeling in different scenarios. Users can:

Ripest ® is able to assess the environmental risk at different scales:

Ripest ® can be used for free from the FAUBA site.

Actually, Ripest ® contains data on more than 3000 pesticides and it has over 500 registered users in Argentina, Uruguay, and Brazil.